Last updated: 18-09-2017

Lead Vocals, Guitar: Keith Artis

Guitar: Alan Cannel

Guitar: Tony Powles

Bass: Bobby Secker

Drums: Trevor Lincoln


The core of the group had more than successfully established themselves as the MkII version of Ye Highwaymen back in 1964/5, but a shake up in personal and a freshly minted sound saw the band competing against its former popularity so decided to change their name. The new band quickly saw the departure of Tony Powles who went on to form Dougal’s Roundabout. The band continued to gig well into 1969 but split up shortly after.


Bobby joined the Eves Brothers, first joint venture Reformation. Whilst group stalwart Alan Cannel did a spell with Mississippi Delta before forming the institutional country band Stealer. Keith Artist became part of The Mischief band in 197? an outfit that reunited Kriptone drummer and guitarist, Charlie Mayes & Chris Read. Trevor Lincoln joined the short lived supergroup with big plans, Trycycle. Confusion over the exact date of the groups name change has risen from the amount of advanced bookings made by the group as Ye Highwaymen and then performed by 13th Hour. 3 months after they officially announced the name change the Here and Now page of the local paper were still advertising Ye Highwaymen gigs, this was not an uncommon problem as bands moved out of the beat boom and into the soul/show band era, with little more than a name change.



Brian Poole & The Tremoloes / Mike Cotton Sound featuring Lucas / Pinkertons Colours /Zuider Zee

Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band / The Four Pennies

[For clarification all supports after their official name change are 13th Hour performances]


E1966 to L1967 [unconfirmed]


Ye Highwaymen <> Chatanoga Trio (Lincoln - Trycycle) (Secker -  Reformation) (Artist - Wedgewood)