Last updated: 07-03-2017
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Basic Information

  • Brundall, Norfolk, Uk
  • 60s Pop
Active Years:
C1961 - C1962

Guitar: John Howard

Guitar: David Casson

Drums: Gil Cawley


"I was self taught and started playing around 1958. I formed a trio called The Nightriders with a guy called John Howard who i was at Hillside Avenue School with in Thorpe and Gil who i had got to know as he lived a few doors away from my Gran in Brundall. I named the band after the song Nightrider by ?? a piece i had learnt to play. We would rehearse in my Grans front room in Blofield Road on Saturday mornings, she loved it... and would bring us mid morning tea and cake. We then met up with Graham Baines [confirm spelling] who worked at Underdowns Haulage which was behind the ?? garage, owned by ?? Dent. His son Peter was interested in forming a band and that became the start of Peter & The Spectres."

Source Dave Casson 2015


<> Peter & The Spectres