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Who needed the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page when Norwich born Peter Miller was on your doorstep. As one paper truly exclaimed a criminally neglected artist Pete was born in          in 194 . At the age of    Peter had been bewildered by Chuck Berry’s performance in the classic movie     , In no time at all Pete had sold his train set & bought himself second hand guitar. As a natural & exceptionaly gifted musician he started out playing with a group of friends who became known as The Offbeats ®. In 1961 he was quickly head hunted by up and coming Yarmouth act Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers ®. The Jaywalkers had been talking to Decca, but knew they lacked the cutting edge of a lead guitarist. Peter spent five years with the Jaywalkers nothching up 10 single release’s touring with the Beatles and backing many of the era’s top Vocal artist                        , but to name a few. The touring success of the Jaywalkers had left Peter physically drained and in 1965 he left the band. It didn’t take long though before Pete had set his sights on a solo career, only two weeks infact. ‘Baby I Got News For You’ by the Columbia artist Miller was released two weeks after Pete’s departure. The Demo had been recorded along with members of the The Herd including Peter Frampton only weeks previous in RG Jones, Morden Studio. Pete’s reluctance to gig though made it impossible for the record company to promote release’s and subsequently this was his only release as Miller, faced with a number of options including joining Jerry Dorsey (Engelbert Humperdink) Band   Still feeling the pressure Peter returned to Norwich in 1966 were he continued to composing and recording in his home recording studio in Margetson Avenue, Thorpe, Norwich. In 1968 Pete’s solo recording career once more took off  Firstly joining the constantly mutating local group The Continentals who had had signed to Decca as The News.                     Like a wizard of sound Pete conjured up over a   hundred songs between all that have seen the light of day                 In 19       records started to rub the lamp of Pete millers long submerged past and with it has come the long forgotten works of many of East Anglia’s finest musicians


The mid ninties retro intro  has rejuvinated interest in Petes work given Pete’s career has been enjoying a rebirthseen a resurrection over the past    years due to the increasing demand in releasing retro recordings from the sixties era especially those that only scrapped a small    

There’s no desputing the fact that after over forty years that what ever disguise Pete Miller decides to wear he is as much a cult hero if not more so today than he ever was.


Solo Discography:

Actd Have You Wished b/w Sea, Sand and Sunshine [  ]6?

Actd The Girl With The Castle b/w Baby Have I Got News For You  Oak RGJ190[  ]65

7” Baby I Got News For You b/w Girl With The Castle Columbia DB7735[  ]65

(As Pete  Miller (& The Wild Cats) 12” MUSIC FROM LITTLE FLINT ~                   .22 Recs TT2201[  ]74

12” Pre CBS ~ Pre CBS/Bad Girl/Goin’ Up The Jungle/The Shape I’m In/Rude Boy/Ubangi Boy/I Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself/Ride With The Angels/Not So Long Ago/High Noon/High School Daze/Why Did It Have To Be You/Go Away/The King Of Beretania/Rhyadda .22 Recs TT2202[  ]81

12” ROCKIN’ IS MY BIZNESS ~ Bip Bop Boom/Flame Of Love/Claudine/Hurtin’ Inside/Quicksand/Guess Things Happen That Way/Sunglasses After Dark/My Heart Is Achin’ For You/Rosalie/It’s Driving Me Crazy/Everybody’s Got A Baby But Me/It’s Late .22 Recs TT2203[  ]86

(As Pete(r) Miller) 7” Cold Turkey b/w Spaceship  Camp 602005[  ]

12” Rockin’ Is My Bizness ~ Bip Bop Boom/Flame Of Love/Claudine/Hurtin’ Inside/Quicksand/Guess Things Happen That Way/Sunglasses After Dark/My Heart Is Achin’ For You/Rosalie/It’s Driving Me Crazy/Everbody’s Got A Baby But Me/It’s Late .22 Recs        [  ]86

12” SUMMERLAND ~ Where did it go?/The In Things/Time Has No Meaning/Time & Time Again/Forget Me Not/Who Cares about the moon/Soho solitaiire/Sweet talk town/Peter pan/Willow tree/Antionette/Fiesta time/Listen girl/Oh miss Halliday Tenth Planet TP030[  ]97 reissued on CD by Gear Fab     [  ]99

/          (As Big Boy Pete) 12” HOMAGE TO CATATONIA ~ Sheer Lunacy/Crococgators/I Am Seldom 21/Knit Me A Kiss/1,500,000 Volts/Captain Of My Toy Ballon/John Clery/Paranoia/Chinaman/Music Created By Dust/A Dog Called Doug/The Procession/The Candleman/The Treacle Dance Tenth Planet TP026[  ]96 & reissued on CD Dionysus BA1123[  ]98/

12” RETURN TO CATATONIA ~ ‘Twas Not So Short Ago/Me/Summerland/Nasty Nazi/The Raid/Creosote And Cream/Crystal’s Tune/Strontium Ninety Nel/Convercircles/The Day Stares Straight Back/Henry Nut (Part Two)/Hung-Up/Sums/The Shelter Tenth Planet TP035[  ]98 & reissued on CD Gear Fab GF139[  ]99

CD PSYCHO RELICS - Baby I Got News For You (The Demo)/Flying Solo/Farewell Welfare/London American Boy/She’s The Only Woman/Sweetmeat/Listening to the wind/Freeloader/There is a town/shiralee (part one)/Shiralee (part two)/A light in the sky/Have you wished?/Blue Dan/The Mother Seeds (Land of Schlimpf & Whatzit) Bacchus         [  ]99

CD WORLD WAR IV...A Symphonic Poem - Oveture/Movement 2, Largo/Movement 3, Transience/Movement 4, Echelon/Quietus/Finale Gear Fab Recs     [  ]00.

(As Shig & Buzz) CD Double Diamonds ~ Lost Train/Cavalier/Run/Lost In The Shadows/The Bold & The Brave/Bigfoot/Memphis Stardust/Swept Away/Rattlesnake/Sweet December/Vindaloo  Mai Tai Recs         [  ]95/CD GOOD LUCK CHARM -                           Sheena Recs MCE38[  ]96



(SB)CD Secret Agent Sounds - Spectre DD0118[  ]95/(SB)CD 21st Century Surf Sounds - Swept Away ORA1007[  ]95

(PM)12” The Story Of Oak - Baby have I got news for you (Demo Version)    [  ]  reissued on CD Wooden Hill WHCD007[  ]99/CD Perfumed Garden III - Baby have I got news for you     [  ]  /CD English Freakbeat Vol III - Baby have I got news for you     [  ]89/            (As Miller)


Credits as Composer, Guitarist or Vocalist: (G)7” Ever Since you said goodbye - Marty Wilde Phillips 326546[  ]62(C)12” Spectre & Solitaire - Sounds Orchestral Piccadilly 38016[  ]65/(C)7” Stop! - The Knack, Polydor 602005[  ]66

(C)7” The Baby Song - Boz Columbia DB7735[  ]66/(G)7” Rumpelstiltskin - The Magic Lanterns, CBS202250[  ]66

(G)7” Stop! - Dan et Vanny Barclay 71080[  ]67/(C)7” Playboy - Freddie & The Dreamers, Columbia DB7929[  ]68

(V)7” I Hate Disc Music - Marshall Crenshaw Loral 001[  ]79/(C)12” Cold Turkey - Naz Nomad & The Nightimers Bigbeat WIK21[  ]84.


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